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More on Fair Tax

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More on Fair Tax

I received this info, which will be most helpful in helping to explain the FairTax, or HR25, in my email a few minutes ago.
FIRST, A SLIGHT CHANGE -- you will see that addresses now are all
bcc. It is important that real grassroots begin to work, and that
each of YOU need to start contacting each other. HOWEVER, I will wait
for requests for contact data before sending out e mail and other
information to any of you.

1. I am pleased to report that Robin Cyr who has been serving as
Congressional District Director for Maine 2, has agreed to now
as State Director. As we are all doing this as unpaid volunteers, I
hope some of you can join him and Directors Phineas Sprague and Scott
Johnson, in really pushing Maine forward on FairTax.

2. Did you follow the news stories when President Bush was asked at a
public meeting in Florida, what he thought of FairTax?. [The
was asked by a long time FairTax volunteer, who happened to get an
opportunity to speak. It is interesting to note that Bush's generally
positive response required no coaching from his assistants as to what
the proposal covers -- how many pieces of PROPOSED legislation do you
think a President can keep track of, while remembering the names of
foreign leaders, politicians, generals etc?] In any event the
nationally syndicated radio personality, Neil Boortz, did a GREAT
just after that press story,. I think it is a good one to keep for
Imagine receiving 100% of your paycheck!

by Neal Boortz (8/27)
Two weeks ago a man stood up at a George Bush campaign appearance
Florida to ask about a piece of legislation known as HR25.

3. You are probably aware of the analysis of the impact of imbedded
on our lives. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation traced
amount of tax imbedded in the price of a number of different products.
One of their examples was a Ford Torus, priced at $23,000. They found
that with the imbedded taxes stripped from the costs, the same car
be sold, at the same profit, for $12,700. An astounding $10,700 of the
price was imbedded personal and corporate income taxes and payroll
taxes. -- under FairTax then, the car would list for $12,700 and be
subject to the National consumption tax when new, so it would retail
about $17,000 -- AND you would have your entire paycheck to use in the
purchase! We need to make that burden visible to all the people who
have bought into the illusion of the progressive income tax, and those
who think discretionary federal spending is "free" to them because only
their doctors and Bill Gates pay income taxes!

4. A good simple review of how FairTax will make home ownership more
viable is at http://www.geocities.com/cmcofer/house.html

5. Two good sites to direct friends to, especially in other states

which will give information on local FairTax leaders

http://www.fairtaxvolunteer.org/scorecards/index.html which gives
the latest understanding we have of each legislator's opinion of

"What goes around, comes around" When it does, watch out!!!

Post Mon 30 Aug, 2004 3:26 am 
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