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More Moveon.org Lies

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More Moveon.org Lies


Moveon.org, a Democratic 527 group funded by a shadowy Hungarian-born international financier, is running a new television commercial featuring a supposedly defeated, surrendering soldier...and it's a disgrace. But what would you expect from the left these days....considering that the Democratic party has now been taken over by radical nutcases like Michael Moore. Anyway, it's a short ad, and since you'll probably catch it on TV (those Moreno.org types have a lot of cash) Let's take a few minutes to completely debunk its contents.

The ad begins by showing a "soldier" making his way to the surrender position, eventually with a gun over his head. The announcer says: "George Bush misled us into war with Iraq, sending poorly equipped soldiers into battle. He said 'Mission Accomplished,' yet almost every day more soldiers die." Stop right there. First of all, George Bush did not mislead anybody into anything. A number of government reports, including the Butler report in Great Britain, have completely exonerated George Bush. He relied on the same intelligence Congress and everybody else did. By the way, you do know that weapons of mass destruction have been found, don't you?

Next, the ad advances the lie that the president sent poorly equipped soldiers into battle. The truth is actually much different. Those of you who don't have too much aluminum in your deodorant will remember that tt was no less than war-hero John Kerry himself that voted against the $87 billion appropriation to fund the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The troops have always had what they needed, thanks to George Bush. If you really want to talk about sending soldiers into combat without proper equipment or support, talk about those soldiers sent into Mogadishu while Clinton was president .. and who was it that denied them tanks?

Then the whole 'Mission Accomplished' thing? The mission was to get rid of Saddam Hussein. Mission Accomplished. But ... the President never said "mission accomplished." I'm sure that disappoints the bedwetters, but he never said it. What they're referring to was a banner hung up by the Navy, not the president or his staff. Then it says "yet almost every day more soldiers die." Sorry, another lie. Days have gone by without any loss of life in Iraq.

The lies continue..."Going it alone, George Bush has spent $150 billion dollars, money we need for schools and health care." Well, first of all we didn't go it alone. There are numerous countries that joined the Coalition in liberating Iraq. Also, George Bush did not spend $150 billion dollars...only the Congress can authorize spending that amount of money, which they've done. As for needing the money for schools and health care, we already spend trillions of dollars on both of those, neither of which is called for in the U.S. Constitution, which dictates that the federal government provide for a national defense. Democrats seem to believe that every penny of wealth generated in America should be spent on education and health care .... or, in other words ... spent on government union employees and making people more dependent on government.

And finally, this worthless piece of garbage concludes with this line: "Now, facing a growing insurgency, he has no real plan to end the war. George Bush got us into this quagmire. It will take a new president to get us out." What about all of these Iraqi security forces that are in the field and being trained? In the face of all the insurgent violence, Iraqis are still lining up to join. And aren't there elections planned for January? The plan is tough .. but the plan is in place.

The Bush campaign immediately condemned the ad, demanding it be removed, and Bob Dole is also speaking out on the subject, calling on John Kerry to demand the ad be removed. Said Dole "I cannot believe that John Kerry, who reminds us daily of his Vietnam service, would possibly approve the disgusting and demoralizing portrayal of American soldiers fighting for us in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world." Let's all wait and see what The Poodle does...I wouldn't hold my breath.

This despicable piece of trash dishonors the memory of the fallen soldiers it purports to be outraged about, but we shouldn't be surprised it is airing. This is the face of the modern Democratic party. Consider the source too, this is the organization that posted an ad on their web site portraying President Bush as Adolf Hitler.

"Engage the Mechanism"

Post Fri 17 Sep, 2004 7:52 am 
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Wanna-be Mainah

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another well put posting. We need to get this kind of information out to as many people as possible.

Post Fri 17 Sep, 2004 9:10 am 
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